Mithat Konar :: Projects


[jIDEE] jIDEE :: Java IDE for Education

[schimple] Schimple :: A Simple Scheme IDE

[skinny-update-manager] Skinny Update Manager :: Lightweight update manager for Debian-based distributions

[my bitbucket] Miscellany :: My Bitbucket, which holds a bunch of miscellanous small stuff.

Blogs and such

[penguin love] Loving the Penguin :: Adventures in (light and lean) Linux

[somedesignnews] SomeDesignNews :: A compendium of design-related news

Old and (re)tired

I am no longer actively developing the following projects.

[cIDEE] cIDEE :: C++ IDE for Education

[clamup!] ClamWinPortableDBUpdate :: Automate ClamWin Portable updates

[skinnydebbie] SkinnyDebbie :: A light and lean Debian flavorizer


I'm actively developing competence in the following technologies:

[processing] Processing :: Interactive/generative art made easy

[arduino] Arduino :: Ditto but for physical computing and rapid prototyping

[qt quick] Qt Quick :: Seems like an awesome tool for embedded GUIs

[android development] Android :: Might also be useful for embedded GUIs

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